For NJ Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse at the Hands of Catholic Church Clergy — Everything is About to Change

That is because on May 13, 2019, New Jersey passed a law that expands the statute of limitations for clergy abuse as well as states that any institutions or person who knowingly permitted sexual abuse or protected a sexual abuser can be held civilly liable.

The statute of limitation for victims of priest sexual abuse has been extended to 55 years of age or 7 years from discovery of the abuse, whichever is later. The new law also provides for a two year “lookback” window. This window will permit older individuals to pursue claims against priests. These victims of priest sexual abuse will have until November 30, 2021 to file a civil lawsuit.

This marks a major turning point for survivors as it allows for them to consider new options for both closure as well as compensation for their suffering.

Why is this New Law Important?

For survivors of child sexual abuse, the emotional pain can last a lifetime. Becoming a victim of such abuse at the hands of clergy or coming to understand that another trusted adult may have allowed this abuse to happen is traumatic and can lead to feelings of tremendous guilt – long after you, yourself have become an adult.


Whether you are seeking damages, retribution or simply closure, talk to us about how the new law may help you address those concerns.

Cappuccio & Zaorski

Cappuccio & Zaorski, LLC is offering a free, confidential consultation to any individual who feels they may be abused by clergy and are affected by this new law.

Our objectives are three-fold:

    • To help you determine whether you have a legitimate claim
    • To provide information regarding all of your legal options
    • To assist in finding evidence to support your claim

All conversations are discreet and will be held confidential.

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The Catholic Church Has Acknowledged Responsibility

In addition to setting up a fund to compensate survivors, the Church has published: 188 Names of Catholic Church Clergy in New Jersey Who Have been Credibly Suspected of Child Sexual Abuse.

We can guide you through the process and litigate if necessary to get you the closure you need and deserve.