Workers Compensation

Work injuries and accidents that occur while on the job require a special kind of legal understanding. This is because receiving fair compensation can be a long and sometimes quite complicated process. Employers and insurance companies have their own teams of lawyers who work very hard to improve their bottom line by either pressuring you to settle for a lower award than is merited or to outright deny your claim altogether.

But we work harder.

Having previously worked in the insurance industry, the workers compensation attorneys at Cappucio & Zaorski don’t just know the law, we know how the insurance companies operate. That is why we offer the full range of services designed to obtain you compensation for:

• Lost wages
• Medical expenses
• Missed work
• Expenses to cover a loss, disfigurement or scar
• Death benefits

We offer an initial free consultation and are compensated only when you are.

We will work with you every step of the way from filing your claim, navigating all necessary paperwork, filing appeals, seeking reinstatement when appropriate and doing our best to expedite the process quickly. Along the way, we will make sure that your claim is presented in the strongest manner possible, utilizing the latest technologies and the expert opinions of highly quality and highly ethical medical professionals. That is the best way we know to ensure you do not just get that to which you are entitled, but also that you receive the finest medical care.

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Types of Workers Comp Claims

Workplace Injuries
Temporary Disability
Medical Treatment
Permanent Disability
Partial Disability
Injured on the Job